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Intensive media production
for artists ages 10 - 18

Digital Video Production
August 13th - 17th (10AM - 4PM)
See the movies from behind the camera! This intensive week is for young filmmakers only!! You will: learn from professional filmmakers, deconstruct media, write a script, design and storyboard a short film, operate digital video cameras, and complete your own project with non-linear editing facilities. All this within a fun and creative atmosphere! No media production experience necessary, just desire to create and collaborate! Ages 14 -18.

Hands-On Animation August 20th - 24th (10AM - 4PM) Do you love cartoons? Ever wanted to learn how they are made? This intensive workshop introduces the art of animation. Students will create characters and stories based on their own experience, and animate them using digital video in our Hands-On Animation Lab (HAL). Various mixed-media animation techniques will be explored, including flipbooks, claymation, paper cut-outs, and stop-motion. No experience is necessary, just an interest in animation and willingness to interact with others. We will be photographing students for our animation, so this class is not for the camera-shy! Ages 10 -14.

for an application or for more information
please contact fiona @ 911 Media Arts Center
117 Yale Ave N - Seattle, WA 98105
206.682.6552 x 18

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