The Fondi Story
Pizzeria Fondi is named for a small town that sits halfway between Rome and Naples, right in the center of the pizza universe. That ideal location symbolizes the best of both worlds and inspires our dedication to making the best pizza in the world. At Pizzeria Fondi, we strive to produce not just the best of both worlds, but the best of everything.

Like many great Italian dishes, pizza is simple and uncomplicated. That's exactly why it's not easy to get it right. Pizza is made with just a handful of ingredients, so the quality of each one is especially important. Naturally, we use only fresh dough, sauce, and cheese in our pizza. And we produce all of them right here, every day.

We make our dough each morning in the pizzeria. The same is true of our mozzarella, which is made by hand from fresh cheese curds. We use only the best-tasting, carefully selected tomatoes, fresh herbs, and extra-virgin olive oil to make our pizza sauces. And our salads are hand-made with crisp, whole, garden-fresh greens and dressings made from scratch.

But all these fresh ingredients are just the beginning. The proof of a pizza is in the baking, which is why we use traditional brick-dome ovens at Pizzeria Fondi. These ovens produce very high temperatures - between 700-800° - that cook the pizza in about two minutes. The result is a perfect crust with a crisp, bubbly exterior and a moist and tender but chewy interior. The occasional charred and browned patches on the surface, with their subtle hints of charcoal and caramelized cheese, perfectly compliment the fresh flavors of the topping ingredients to create the mouthwatering and unforgettable taste that has been pleasing pizza lovers for centuries.

Served fresh and hot from the oven, Pizzeria Fondi pizza is bursting with a combination of taste, texture, and aroma that is as fleeting as it is sublime. If you insist on ordering your pizza to go, we will comply, but every time you pass on the chance to eat it fresh here, you'll be missing one of the great culinary pleasures in the world.
Pizza Pan
"People who live and die with every pie"
- Ed Levine on Keepers of the Flame