Fierce Mobile (468x60 and must be under 35k)

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3 - Larger logo, colors enhanced, and removed "is".

Fierce Mobile Logo-Text Combination (under 25k) - not sure if we purchased this?

MocoNews (Free 125x125 and must be under 15k)

Version 1

Version 2 - Non-embossed logo, enhanced colors and removed "is".

Screenshot of 125x125 ad with other competing ads.

MocoNews (428x60 and must be under 30k)

MocoNews (728x90 and must be under 30k)

Version 1

Version 1.2 - Improved colors a bit

Version 2

Version 3

Version 3.1 - Different Background

Screenshot of 728x90 ad at the top.