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Busk '08 - Re-elect SinglePoint to the MMA Board Busk '08 - Re-elect SinglePoint to the MMA Board
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MMA Campaign Letter: SinglePoint

Good afternoon. I write to ask your consideration for the MMA North American 2008 Board. Some of you may know of my background; for others this will provide an introduction to SinglePoint and our active involvement and plans with the MMA.

A bit about my background:At SinglePoint, I lead marketing, product strategy, and industry relations. In that role, I have continued a years-long commitment to the MMA:
  • As a Board Member for the 2007 term, I have been an active participant in guiding MMA activities over the last year
  • In addition to that responsibility, I, and other SinglePoint team members, have played an active part in the Consumer Best Practices, Advocacy, Short Code, Off-Net, Logo, Advertising, and Participation TV committees and sub-committees
"I am of the firm belief that the US Off-Net and Mobile Marketing industries are only now hitting their stride, but that much work remains to be done. And the MMA is the right organization to do it."
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  • During product leadership stints with Cingular and Verizon Wireless previously, I was an active member of MMA nearly from its inception
My expertise has spanned messaging product development from inside the carrier and, over the last two years, within an aggregator directly servicing dozens of content providers. SinglePoint has been through a remarkable transformation over the last year. With that in mind some points on SinglePoint, our position in the marketplace, and how we benefit the MMA through bringing a unique perspective to the table:
  • SinglePoint is a leading provider of Interactive Television (iTV) events, which leverage mobile formats, text messaging primary among them, to transform viewers into active participants in their favorite TV programs
  • In 3Q 2007, according to Nielsen, we serviced 66% of all iTVmessages
  • We also continue to supply a traditional aggregator business, servicing all of the interfaces a content provider could need --- from SMS to MMS and WAP
  • Given iTV's exponential growth in 2007 and the challenges that naturally extend from that growth, SinglePoint will bring representation of not only traditional aggregator and Off-net segments, but those of our broadcast customers as well
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SinglePoint's goals for the MMA Board stem directly from our day-to-day experience serving content customers. We will:
  1. Continue our active participation in the Board and Committees
  2. Extend Consumer Best Practices (CBP)and committee work otherwise to areas that directly impact content providers and their business, such as:
    1. Enabling delivery of promotion- or advertising-supported content, whether it includes text messaging or binary/downloadable content
    2. Supporting the expansion of free-to-end-user initiatives, including carrier clearance, pricing, and inclusion in the CBP
    3. Driving toward efficiencies that streamline processes for campaign submission and approval that will help speed mobile content to the marketplace
  3. Actively support the Logo Committee efforts to bring a consistent “mark” to all mobile content, enhancing end-user awareness
  4. Fight for lower short-code fees and a more equitable distribution of revenue share
I am of the firm belief that the US Off-Net and Mobile Marketing industries are only now hitting their stride, but that much work remains to be done. And the MMA is the right organization to do it. I look forward to continuing to contribute to the MMA and hope I have your vote for Board membership.
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Thank you for your time and please don't hesitate to call, text or email me with any questions.


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Doug Busk
VP - Industry Relations
C: 202-641-4655
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