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  Welcome to the first issue of SinglePoint's electronic newsletter! This newsletter aims to provide you with regular updates on new and exciting developments here at SinglePoint!

In this first edition, the summer heat isn't the only thing making the month sizzle. This issue showcases the latest company news and campaigns as well as an exciting article demonstrating the power of mobile marketing. I can't wait to see what happens next in this powerful arena.

As you already know, the SinglePoint team has invested hundred of hours over the last several months turning our mobile advertising vision into a reality: creating the industry leading mobile advertising solution matching mobile advertisements with our intensive catalog of mobile messaging inventory. We have made tremendous progress on this goal and are getting close to launching our first pilot campaigns. Special thanks to the entire extended team for the hard work put forth to make this happen. We have laid the foundation for something big!

Even with the exciting progress made so far, we are all aware that our work has only begun. In our mission we stated that we would set the standard for Ad insertion. We must now redouble our efforts to make this vision a reality while focusing aggressively on improving the quality of service provided to our existing customers.

Together we will establish a standard so high that no one can ever match us. I look forward to celebrating that day with you.

We welcome your suggestions to make this newsletter the best informational tool possible. Contact our marketing team with your comments and ideas @

Happy reading,

Rich Begert

SinglePoint Travles... India with Joerg Zender and Gowri Shankar
When was the trip?
  April 19th - 21st
What was the purpose of the the trip?
  1. Evaluating companies for sourcing ad server
    1. NetXcell (Hyderabad, India)
    2. Rapid Mobile (Edinburgh, Scotland)
  2. Sync-up with existing partners
    1. MIG (London, UK)
    2. Interra (New Delhi, India)
    3. PhoneyTunes (New Delhi, India)
What was the outcome of the trip?
Joerg and Gowri taveling to India
  Maintaining our position as the mobile media interactivity expert requires that we work closely with our vendor partners to insure highest quality solutions delivery. This trip focused on the deepening of existing relationships and establishment of new ones, developing product roadmaps and delivery plans to meet the needs of our business. Our partners now have a clear vision of our goals and are aligning their resources to meet and exceed our objectives.

Regarding the ad server, after an extensive due diligence process and an impressive on-site visit SinglePoint has selected NetXcell as our AdServer provider.

Regarding the ad server, after an extensive due diligence process and an impressive on-site visit SinglePoint has selected NetXcell as our AdServer provider.

Who's NetXcell?

NetXcell SignNetXcell is India‘s first mobile application service provider and a pioneer in providing B2B Telecom application services for the Indian market. NetXcell specializes in low cost, high quality, powerful solutions for operators and technology companies like SinglePoint. Their focus is on improving clients’ effectiveness and efficiency in providing client facing mobile services. NetXcell looks forward to working with SinglePoint to develop a world class AdServer. Our current target delivery date is mid-September.

What will this ad server do?

The ad server will dynamically insert advertising into all the messages SinglePoint processes on behalf of its customers.

Fun facts!
  Joerg and Gowri spent:
  • 36 hours including 2 nights in Hyderabad
  • 16 hours in New Delhi
  • 12 hours in London
  • 36 hours including 2 nights in Edinburgh
  • 45 hours and two nights on planes
NetXcell Employees
What for? Our ad server!

Joerg doesn’t like spicy food...and there is no way to order “0 stars” in India.

Joerg says 0 Stars Please!Traffic surprised even a European driver: The distance to other cars is measured in thickness of your fingers and the horn is the most used feature of each vehicle.

Climate in India was >100 degrees and humid, not the typical Seattle weather.

Netxcell was kind enough to turn on the air conditioning when Gowri and Joerg came to visit. They generally work without air-conditioning mainly because it interferes with their audio recording capabilities!

William HandI came to SinglePoint from Verizon Wireless where I was a federal sales rep. Some of my major accounts were the FBI, DEA, Department of Justice, and Department of Veterans Affairs. I was part owner of two businesses and have lived in many countries including Germany, Belgium, Korea, and Hong Kong. One of the most interesting positions I had was working in the security office at the U.S Consulate in Hong Kong.

It is hard to say what my most fun experience at SinglePoint is. If I had to choose, it would probably be creating and launching the first in-house iTV premium vote (Top Chef). This was an exciting project which stretched my knowledge of the platform and allowed me to interact with many people within the company.

Much of what I do was covered in the recent brown bag presentation. I wear a lot of different hats and every day is different. Some days I will perform tier 1 and 2 troubleshooting and scoping new services. Other days I will create and test programs, training clients, and work on API integrations. With Catherine’s departure, I will assume her duties and responsibilities and will be leading the Client Services team.

My weekends are usually pretty full as all of my children are involved in extra-curricular activities. My two daughters are on the high school color guard team and in girl scouts. My two boys are in baseball and also in scouting. When I have free time, I work in my garden, go fishing, and read.

SinglePoint Mobile Marketing
  Mobile Marketing is Reaching Many: Millions of Consumers are Responding

The SinglePoint team is working hard to turn the Mobile Marketing vision into a reality. Our ultimate goal is to create a system capable of dynamically matching targeted advertising into our growing text messages inventory. of messaging inventory. This solution makes our vision a reality – pairing the right offer to the right target audience every time.

Our meetings with brands and ad agencies over the last several months have been an exciting and eye-opening experience. The demand for targeted mobile advertising as part of mobile campaigns exceeds our previous expectations. Brands and advertisers are very enthusiastic about this new marketing channel and eager to partner with SinglePoint to reach their target audience(s).

Leveraging our existing iTV messaging traffic, SinglePoint brings a compelling solution to the biggest challenge in mobile advertising: Inventory! This gives us a strong advantage in this emerging field.

With a half a million votes a night for Deal or No Deal (Disclaimer: On a good night…) and tens of thousands daily alerts, SinglePoint holds the key to the mobile inventory puzzle.

Still wonder about the effectiveness of mobile advertising?

Just in case you wanted to know more about the public's exposure and response rates, we've included some promising stats.

A recent report released from Nielson Mobile in March 2008 found the following:

  • 23% of cell phone subscribers said they have been exposed to advertising on their phones in the past 30 days
  • 50% (28 million) of these individuals said they responded to the mobile ad in some way
  • 38% increase (to 58 million) in the reported volume of mobile advertising received by subscribers in 2007
  • Teen data users were the most likely age segment to recall seeing mobile advertising
  • 46% recalled seeing some type of mobile advertisement, compared to 29% of all data users
  • 26% of those who saw an ad responded at least once by sending an SMS text-message
  • 9% say they have used click-to-call to respond to a mobile ad
  • 13% said they are open to mobile advertising if it improves the media and content currently available
  • 14% said they are already open to mobile advertising so long as it is relevant to their interests.

For those looking to give your business the competitive edge, mobile marketing may be your perfect opportunity. As receptivity to these ads increases, so does consumer interest. According to Jeff Herrmann, VP of Mobile Media at Nielson Mobile, "Increasing levels of consumer recall, interaction and receptivity to mobile advertising reinforce the validity of the mobile marketing medium."

Source: 58 Million U.S. Mobile Subscribers Have Seen Advertising Over Their Phones
The Earth Times, March 2008

SinglePoint Campaigns - Congratulations to the SinglePoint Team!
Client: NBC Telemundo
Campaign: Pepsi Musica
Description: Mun2 Pepsi Musica shout outs + Alerts group sign-up
Promotion: Web, TV, email
How to play: text Pepsi and a comment to 68636 for a shout out and/or text GOPEPSI to sign up for alerts
AM/CLS: Nadia R/ Tara B.

Client: Disney
Campaign: Disneymania 6 & Camp Rock Ringtones
Description: Ringtone releases for $2.99 price point
Promotion: Disney Channel, Disney Radio,
How to play: text DM1, DM2, DM3,DM4,DM5, DM6 or CRT1 (up to 12) to 347639
AM/CLS: Lisa R/ Alberta B.

Client: NBC – Bravo
Campaign: A-List Awards Alerts, June 12th
Description: Standard rate SMS campaign for The A-List awards, to send alerts out to the group when winners are announced
Promotion: Promote during broadcast and on
How to play: Text AWARD to 27286 to signup for alerts
AM/CLS: Nadia R /Lotus Q.

Oh! Oxygen Network
Client: NBC -Oxygen
Campaign: Tori & Dean Alerts, Tori & Dean Polling
Description: Standard rated SMS polls for the show Tori & Dean, viewers are invited to vote in polls regarding show content.
Promotion: Promoted during the broadcast and on
How to play: Launch in June, text HOLLYWOOD to 699436 to join alerts group
AM/CLS: Kelly R./Austin W.

Client: NBC – NBC Entertainment
Campaign: 30 Rock trivia
Description: Trivia questions sent to subscribers around finale of 30 Rock show
Promotion: On-air – 30Rock and Scrubs, plus –
How to play: Text 30ROCK to 62288 or on the – enter your phone number (widget on the page) to start playing Trivia Game. Since it was tied to finale, the game ended but you can still subscribe and participate in the next season one.
AM/CLS: Nadia Raizer/Alberta B.
Client: ABC TV Networks
Campaign: Wonderful World of Disney text alert subscription Description: Standart rate text subscriptions to tune in alerts for the show that starts airing on ABC Channel on June 1
Promotion: On-air and on the web via banners (,
How to play: text WWOD to 22288 or enter the phone number on the web banner
AM/CLS: Nadia R/ Bill H.

Client: MTV Networks
Campaign: Lyrics Campaign Description: Get the lyrics to any song on your mobile phone.
How to play: Text “lyrics” to 66333 and follow the prompts
AM/CLS: Doug G./Alberta B.

Client: NBC - Bravo
Campaign: In Plain Sight Description: A mobile club featuring weekly messages and trivia game prompts to promote the show In Plain Sight. Promo “Play the witness protection challenge and answer weekly “Watch to Win” questions to win show merchandise”
Promotion: Promoted during the broadcast and
How to play: launch on June 1st, Text IPS to USATXT (872898)
AM/CLS: Nadia R./Kelly R./ Alberta B.

Oh! Oxygen Network
Client: NBC – Oxygen
Campaign: The Bad Girls Club – Mobile Fan Club – Over 3000 subscribers in 2 months.
Description: Deion & Pilar – Mobile Fan Club, both standard rated SMS alert services sending 3-5 alerts per week with show info and tune-ins
Promotion: On-Air and on
How to play: Text BAD to 70459 to join Bad Girls Club, Text DP to 70459 to join Deion & Pilar
AM/CLS: Kelly R./Alberta B.