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The Advantage of Mobile Messaging

The SinglePoint mobile messaging solution will help you deliver content to over 250M wireless subscribers in North America and tap into the estimated $19 billion mobile content marketplace with SingleLink.

Merchants and content owners of digital content and services are searching for a global messaging and billing solution providing a seamless purchase experience to wireless subscribers.

The SinglePoint mobile messaging solution offers secure connections to all major network operators in North America providing industry leading throughput and reliability through high capacity platform solutions. The platform is ideal for merchants looking for permanent mobile extensions of their applications, integrating seamlessly into their existing platforms.

Connects You With Your Customers

The SinglePoint Mobile Messaging solution simplifies integration with North American carrier's complex networks. It offers a unique blend of flexibility, reliable connectivity, ease of use and a track record of innovation and experience setting us apart from other mobile messaging providers.

It empowers merchants to bill customers directly on their mobile phone bill or prepaid account through agreements with carrier partners.

The solution Provides, Manages and Fulfills Services for:

  • Premium SMS (PSMS)
  • Mobile Terminated (MT)
  • Mobile Originated (MO)
  • WAP Push
  • MMS

This solution enables both pay-per-transaction and subscription based recurring billing and payment services offering flexible business and revenue model for mobile content services.

Fulfillment Management

The solution provides products and services to ensure quick and efficient mobile payments and rapid deployment of messaging services:

Short code Administration: SinglePoint supports merchants and content owners to obtain a customized short code specific to their business needs.

  1. Connectivity: Provides merchants with the necessary technical information and step-by-step support to connect to the platform and access their short code.
  2. Codes of Content and Best Practices Guidelines: SinglePoint provides guidance on North America content delivery code of conduct and operator rules to ensure full service compliance.
  3. Financial Fulfillment and Settlement: The solution facilitates financial transactions through carrier partners and provides merchants with unified multi-currency billing.
  4. Network Integration: The platform offers merchants a wide range of integration solutions through APIs (SMPP, MM7 or HTTP). The integration solution features two-way communication for SMS & MMS including WAP Push delivery and detailed status report and delivery receipts.
  5. Revenue Optimization: The platform provides the following solutions to maximize your revenue potential for every customer contact opportunity:
    1. Mobile number portability checking - Target the right operator for any phone number, in real time or as a batch, insuring higher successful billing rates and quality content delivery
    2. Operator integration rules and retry management - Improve the efficiency of transaction delivery and block revenue leakage

The SinglePoint Solution for Mobile Messaging Offers You

  • Mobile connectivity solutions: Reach over 250M wireless subscriber in North America
  • Suite of Mobile Content Delivery Methods: SMS, PSMS, WAP Push and MMS
  • iTV Messaging: High Capacity solutions and carrier certifications for Interactive TV SMS messaging
  • Flexible Merchandising Capabilities: Any price point, any business model
  • Carrier Compliance: SinglePoint partners with you to navigate the maze of operators rules and standards
  • Business Intelligence: Real time statistics, transaction reporting and analytics tools providing the vital strategic information required to make the most of every customer contact
  • 24X7 Monitoring: Supporting your business anytime - all the time

SinglePoint: Manages the Operator Relationship

With over 10 years of experience in mobile messaging, SinglePoint is the only messaging company created from a strong legacy of relationships as well as technical expertise. SingleLink has established direct connectivity to every major US operator for mobile content delivery and billing via SMS, MMS and WAP Push.

Let SingleLink empower your business to reach over 250M North America wireless subscribers, expanding your content offerings and unleashing your revenue opportunities.

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