Engage Your Consumers through Mobile
Mobile Advertising
"SinglePoint provides mobile advertising applications to mobilize your brand, achieve global reach and develop customer acquisition and loyalty."

Help People Connect with Your Content

SinglePoint recognizes that each brand and campaign has unique needs and desired end goals. Whether you're interested in exploring the mobile medium through a mobile advertising campaign, managing a mobile CRM program, or launching a full fledged branded content campaign, SinglePoint bridges the gap between you and over 250 Million North American mobile users.

The SinglePoint mobile advertising solution allows brands to reach highly targeted audiences via a dynamic new medium. The mobile channel offers publishers an exciting new avenue to tap into new revenue opportunities without adding additional overhead.

Advertiser and Agencies
  • Achieve Global Reach
  • Enhance Customer Targeting Through Increased Visibility into Customer Attributes
  • Create Time Sensitive Location Based Campaigns
  • Create Direct Response Campaigns through Consumer Interactivity
  • Capitalize on Mobile Advertising
  • Measure Customer Response With Real-Time Reports
  • Tap Into New Revenue Streams
  • Leverage One of the Largest SMS Ad-Networks to Monetize Your Inventory
  • Enhance Existing Programming and Advertising with Direct to Consumer Interactive Features
  • Take Complete Control of Campaign Advertising Matching
  • Run Test Campaigns to Measure Success
  • Measure Customer Response With Real-Time Reports
  • Text and Multimedia messages Ad Insertion: SingleBrand matches ads to consumer mobile conversations such as interactive TV campaigns, sweepstakes, polls, voting.
  • Video Pre/Post Roll: SingleBrand specializes in serving pre and post roll video ad impressions into mobile video with a variety of segmentation parameters available for advertisers and agencies.
  • WAP Banner Ads: SingleBrand dynamically inserts graphical banner ads to mobile web sites offering a new opportunity for advertisers to build brand awareness. SinglePoint partners with high traffic mobile web sites to display advertising banners, on revenue share basis. Take campaigns from setup to launch in a matter of minutes through the SingleBrand self-serve web platform. Customer profile awareness empowers advertisers to tailor their campaigns to the characteristics of the target handset using location, make of handset and phone capability.
  • IVR solutions: The SingleBrand IVR solution integrates click-to-call phone numbers in consumer text conversations such as interactive TV campaign, sweepstakes, polls, voting or mobile WEB sites. Phone numbers are highlighted in the same manner a hyperlink would be. This solution may also be applied to click-to-link or click-to-video integrations.
  • Coupons: SingleBrand couponing sends electronic coupons to mobile subscribers' as a new way to enhance promotional campaigns. These offers may be redeemed by showing the coupon in stores or online and are important tools in providing the instant gratification "push to purchase" element of mobile advertising campaigns.

Mobile Coupons

  • Ticketing: SingleBrand enables brands to distribute "e-tickets" to mobile phones or other mobile handsets. Mobile tickets reduce the production and distribution costs connected with traditional paper-based ticketing channels and increase customer convenience by providing a new and simple way to purchase tickets.
  • SMS Message Broadcast: SingleBrand quickly, easily, and affordably connects your brand with your customers - whenever and wherever they are. SingleBrand provide an easy to use, web based tool that to create, send, and track your own text message marketing campaigns.
  • Real-time reporting/monitoring: Combined with the power of SingleVision, SingleBrand provides advertisers, agencies and publishers with real-time reports and visibility into the success of campaigns. SingleBrand provides advertisers with the tools they need to manage costs and monitor click-thru-rates and impressions. For publishers, SingleBrand provides the essential insight required to manage earnings and monitor fill rates and CPM.

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