Engage Your Consumers through Mobile

SingleStudio: High-performance Text and Voice Interactive Voting

SingleStudio: Unleash Mobile Interactive Opportunities

The increasing popularity of reality TV demonstrates viewers' increasing desire to actively participate in their favorite programs. Carriers are recognizing the revenue opportunity and investing in enhanced dedicated architecture to handle increasing interactive voting activity.

SingleStudio offers a suite of interactive solutions providing media companies, consumer brands, marketers and carriers the ability to engage consumers anytime, anywhere.

As the media interactivity expert in Mobile, SinglePoint has launched and powered thousands of interactive campaigns for major worldwide broadcasters. SinglePoint offers the benefits of unrivaled market insight providing our partners with vital business intelligence, supplemental talent and tools needed to create, manage and track any type of interactive mobile campaign.

SingleStudio: Create Your Mobile Interactivy Campaign

Combined with the power of the SingleLink messaging solution, SingleStudio operates as a one stop shop for interactive messaging services. Removing the need for integrating with multiple providers, SinglePoint is the single source for your end-to-end mobile interactive messaging needs in North America.

SingleStudio: Understands Interactivity

SingleStudio understands the difference between normal messaging traffic and mass messaging traffic. Messaging networks are designed for normal use, but television driven events cause huge, short duration spikes in traffic. SingleStudio and SingleLink handle these traffic peaks by accepting up to 20,000 transactions per seconds. All messages are processed and registered in real-time supporting quick, accurate, and reliable vote results.

Rely on SingleStudio to Launch...

  • Sweepstakes: Extend sweepstakes programs to the mobile phone with the ability to easily configure, deploy, and maintain multiple simultaneous campaigns.
  • Voting: Interact with the audience via the mobile channel. Voting empowers viewers, readers and listeners to participate in programs by text message billed at standard or premium rates. The Sweepstakes component can be added to encourage participation.
  • Trivia: Create and manage original trivia contests challenging your viewers to answer questions from multiple categories or try to break a scrambled code. Easily select or change the questions, answers, categories, and times and dates of your campaign via a user-friendly web interface. Combine with the Sweepstakes component to encourage multiple plays through instant win promotions and offer a variety of chances to win prizes.
  • Alerts/Subscriptions: Set up, administer, and send prescheduled or event-based alerts, such as SMS broadcasts, newsletters or content subscriptions, to registered users.
  • Text 2 Screen: Make your viewers a part of the show with SMS to screen integration. Text 2 Screen empowers television programs, sports or concert events to run dynamic real-time SMS chat, polling or other promotions to immediately engage the audience. Real-time feedback to audience generated events creates a fun and dynamic experience for all participants. Text 2 Screen provides built in administrative control for content moderation and in-event ability to edit display look & feel, text font, format and scroll speed, partner interstitials and dynamic advertising banners.
  • Content delivery: The SingleStudio content delivery solution provides a white label mobile content storefront. Supporting the full suite of content from mobile graphics, ringtones, music, games and video, clients are offered a variety of options to enhance new and existing mobile content strategies for mobile consumers.


  • Increase Stickiness - Active Participants are Engaged Participants
  • Encourage Communities - Viewers Feel Like They are Part of the Show and Other Views Like Them
  • Drive Sales
  • Improve Customer Loyalty - Alert and Subscription Options Bring Your Viewer Back into the Show in Between Viewing Experiences
  • Strengthen Brand Image - Give Your Viewers a New and Exciting Way to Interact with and Experience Your Programming

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