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SingleVision: Feel Positive About Having the Tool to Manage Your Mobile Business Under One Easy-to-use Web Portal.

Your Job Revolves Around Data...

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Every day, you look for meaningful data and key performance indicators from difference sources. Often you struggle to find what you want, when you want it, in a format that is easy to work with. That's because data on messaging transactions is hard to get. It comes in many formats from many sources. It's difficult and time-consuming to reconcile. Often, the integrity of the resulting data is not up to your standards.

SingleVision Can Help You...

SinglePoint delivers the operational data you need from a single source. SingleVision can capture an enormous amount of information about financial transactions and consumer activities from all the other SinglePoint products. SingleVision summarizes this data and presents it in self-serve, online reports directly to you, as you like it, without having to burden your IT staff.

SingleVision Will Grow With You...

SingleVision ships with reports already optimized for all SinglePoint products. From these products, it expands right along with your business. Use it to create new reports. Monitor new metrics. Get more detail. Incorporate additional data from other sources. And conduct more and more sophisticated analyses into customer behavior, campaign effectiveness, and more.

Generate Your Personalized, Self-serve, Online Reports With...

Rely on SingleVision to...

Track key business and financial objectives, monitor marketing and sales effectiveness, and share data with your management and partners. Use it to:

  • Measure the success of your campaigns
  • Gather timely and accurate information from all your revenue generating products in real time.
  • Create and customize reports yourself
  • See key up-to-date metrics every time you log in - on your first screen, with no need to create the report each time you log in.
  • Quickly drill down for more detail in your data.
  • Easily view and customize reports via an intuitive Web interface.
  • Reinforce your compliance with financial requirements.
  • Define your own views and performance indicators, so you don't have to search through irrelevant data.
  • Analyze aggregate marketing data to spot trends and new opportunities.
  • Easily find the data you need without complex SQL database queries.
  • Immediately realize the benefits of an enterprise data warehouse.
  • Use reports shipped with SinglePoint products, or customize your own reports.

Collect and Analyze Data More Effectively, With These Important Features

Single Source of Data for All Reports and Products

To make smart management decisions, you need a complete quantitative picture of your business. But when you have to piece together the data from multiple sources, you tend to waste time and create errors. SingleVision saves you time by giving you direct access to accurate, current and relevant data from all SinglePoint products.

Web Interface for Easy, Customized Views

SingleVision provides an easy-to-use Web interface for defining customized views of the particular metrics that drive your business. With this tool at your disposal, you can readily track progress and spot trends. It also translates data into actionable insights.

Personalized Homepage

SingleVision makes keeping up with your key performance indicators an easy, routine part of your day. Personalize your SingleVision home page, and you get an up-to-date snapshot of your critical metrics every time you log onto the system.

Perform Your Job with More Authority and Freedom

  • Feel confident that you are finally tracking all key performance indicators and trends. Feel assured of the integrity of your data.
  • Feel in control of legal and regulatory compliance issues.
  • Feel comfortable with a data-driven approach to managing financial risks and uncertainties.
  • Feel relieved to know what really works in the marketplace and what doesn't.

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