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Grade: A -
Although I watched this movie several months ago, it is the only one this year that is worth putting in this section on the front page of my website.  It is a movie that has changed the industry and the only one that has made an impact in film making so far this year.  Its originality and creativity continues to spark conversations and questions to this day.
"So what is this "great" movie all about?"  Well the plot is quite simple.  I will sum it up in one sentence - a man searching for his wife's murderer.  "Oooh, sounds really exciting."  Ah, but wait, there are a couple of things.  The man has a disease that prohibits him from remembering anything that occurs in 15 minute spans (approximately) AND the only way for him to recall events in his life is by tatooing his body with the "facts."  "So what, that still doesn't sound exciting."  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the movie is told backwards.

By Tim Kha

Excerpt from my April 2002 "Did You Know..." section.

...Director, Chris Nolan (Memento, Following), has a new movie, called Insomnia, being released May 2002 starring Al Pacino, Hilary Swank, and Robin Williams.  A great cast, but what's the story you ask?  Pacino and Swank play a cop and detective chasing after "Mr. Funnyman" Williams for a murder he may have committed.  Imagine that - Robin Williams slicing your throat as he talks about the Death of Smoochy.  I thought Memento was great and wished that it had won an Oscar award, but receiving nominations for 2 categories is a success all in its own.  Chris Nolan is a decent director and proved to be a strong writer in Memento.  Unfortunately, he didn't write Insomnia and remaking a 1997 Norwegian film may be the downfall for this movie.

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