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"P a s s i o n O r a n g e"
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The short film, tentatively titled Passion Orange, began its production in February of 2001.  The idea was being tossed around several months prior and in January of 2001, the screenplay was written. The film was shot in Seattle, Washington and surrounding areas for 5 weeks.  Since half the cast and crew were scheduled to depart for an African Safari, there was heavy pressure to wrap up production by mid-March.  The film's final scene was shot two days before their departure.  Post-production for the film is still being completed and an expected release date is scheduled for summer of 2002.


Brian:   Justin Reznick
David:   Joe Nelson
Sarah:   Reiko Matsushima
Sushi Chef:   Hiroyuki Matsushima
Extras in Bench Scene:   Kuniko Matsushima
  Yae Matsushima
  Tim Kha


Directed by:   Tim Kha
Screenplay by:   Justin Reznick
Produced by:   Justin Reznick
  Tim Kha
Casting by:   Justin Reznick
  Tim Kha
Unit Production Manager:   Yurika Matsushima
1st Assistant Director:   Daniel Kha
2nd Assistant Director:   Claude Hemmerich
Still Photography by:   Marshall Sutcliffe
Director of Photography:   Tim Kha
Music by:   Art Kim
Continuity:   Cori Lee
Boommen:   Jim Lee
  Marshall Sutcliffe
Grips:   Yae Matsushima
  Jim Lee
Make-up (Blood):   Justin Reznick
Video Editor:   Tim Kha
Runners / Gofers:   Mayling Chea
  Sara Wong
Locations:   Matsu Sushi Restaurant
  Kirkland Waterfront
  Richmond Beach

M o v i e S t i l l s

tn_3hands_on_justin tn_beach_soda
tn_beach_joe_punch tn_bedroom_justin_fists
tn_bedroom_joe_popcorn tn_bench_both
tn_bench_both_yawn tn_bench_kuni_goldie.jpg
tn_bench_yae.jpg tn_sushi_joe
tn_sushi_joe_ots tn_sushi_justin_finger
tn_sushi_chef tn_beach_joe_hands
tn_sushi_justin_reiko tn_sushi_justin_sake

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