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TNypp As far as freelancing and contract work goes...well, it really has not been going.  I wanted to take these past few months off so that I could complete this website; however, there is good news.  I do have a couple of jobs coming up.  The week of August 20th, I will be down at 911 Media Arts Center assisting the instructor with The Media Underground 2001 course.  I will be helping the kids with the Hands-On Animation part of the class.  On August 17th, the Friday prior, I start teaching a 20 week video program at the Rainier Beach Community Center with my good friend, Fiona.  It is known as Technology 2000 and it involves training 20 youths in computer software and video production.  I am very excited for this opportunity and, at the same time, very nervous because it will be my first time teaching this course.  As soon as these two jobs start, I will try to get some videos and photographs to document the memories.

UPDATE !  There are videos documenting the Hands-On Animation class and the Technology 2000 program in my Video / Film secton.  Go watch them now!

J u l y 2 0 0 1

After cleaning out the garage and setting up the new tool center, we had a great deal of boxes and miscellaneous furniture without a home.  Our only choice was to throw everything onto our back porch; however, the problem of having no cover for weather would damage the items.  So back to the hardware store we went.  We thought about putting a big tarp over the porch, but that still wouldn't protect it from rain and wind.  The idea of purchasing a shed never crossed our minds because the porch is fairly small in size.  So we hopped on the internet and did some more research.  To our surprise, we found Arrow, a storage building company that sold a metal shed that would fit perfectly on our porch.  We did some more research and found out that Home Depot also sold this particular shed model.  So we turned in our MyPoints for some Home Depot gift cards and got a super duper deal for the shed.

Model# YS47
Wall Color: Eggshell
Roof Color: Eggshell
Size: 4'x 7'
Storage Area: Sq Ft: 26' Cu Ft: 154'
Interior Dimensions: Width: 47 3/4" Depth: 77 1/2" Ht: 81 1/4"
Wall Height: 62 1/2"
Door Opening: Width: 38 1/2" Height: 60"
Recommended Foundation Size:  Width: 50 1/2" Depth: 80 1/4"
Shipping Wt (lbs): 127
  tn_shed_closed   tn_shed_inside   tn_shed_open   tn_shed_roof

J u n e 2 0 0 1
tn_garage_cabinet We never got to utilize the space we had in our garage because of all the boxes and junk down there.  When you have to move three times in a year and a half, things just start to pile up and so, like many homes, the garage becomes the haven for these things.  This year, we decided to clean it up and transform it into a tool center.  Most of the shelves were bought at a hardware store like Home Depot or Home Base.  In fact, we got a super 2 for 1 deal for the cabinets at our local Home Base when the store closed down.

tn_garage_center           tn_garage_center2

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