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V H S C o l l e c t i o n
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These are the movies that I own on VHS.  I was never a big fan of buying VHS movies, so most of these were gifts.  I also included my VHS Dub List below.  Be sure to take a look at the DVD list, the VCD list, and the Independent Films list as well.  Click here to search all the movies I own on one page.  If you want to search for a movie on this page, use the search box below or use your internet browser's "Find" and "Find Again" feature under the toolbars.  The shortcut for that on a PC is "CONTROL" + "F " and on a Macintosh it is "APPLE key" + "F ".

V H S D u b L i s t
These are the movies that I have dubbed on VHS Tapes through the years.  Some of the videos were dubbed from DVDs so they include extra features.

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