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V i d e o / F i l m P r e q u e l
Ever since Muybridge, Edison, and the Lumière brothers got curious and fiddled with film, the medium has become one of the most powerful art forms ever created.  So powerful that you can count on it being a prime ingredient in any propaganda campaign.  It can educate.  It can express new ideas.  It can demonstrate different points of view.  It can distort time and bend reality.

Today's American films and cinema have been diminishing as artforms.  The Hollywood system has been influenced by money and, as a consequence, "poor filmmaking has survived through brilliant marketing, and a public desire to grasp onto anything that seems real.  In today's world of MTV style filmmaking, emotions have been replaced by slick imagery.  Instead of experiencing a character's pain and joy, the audience is told through psychobabble what they should be feeling.  Emotions have been replaced by explosions and special effects.  Shoot outs and Mexican standoffs exist where once there was drama.  Instead of social commentary we have stand up comedy."
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V i d e o / F i l m F e a t u r e
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Medtronic Physio Control VCD Series
on LIFEPAK 20:   © 2001-2003


A 3 disk VCD series encoded and created for Medtronic Physio Control's training sessions on the LIFEPAK 20 Defibrillator/Monitor.


pencil_man Click here to see additional photos and designs for the VCD covers and disks in the Artwork Section of the website.

V i d e o / F i l m A r c h i v e
Most of the videos clips in the business and personal sections were edited on my own video edting system or on a Macintosh G4 using Apple's Final Cut Pro.

V i d e o / F i l m E q u i p m e n t

M o v i e R e v i e w s
Since movies are created by a number of complex departments, it would not be fair to simply grade a movie without justification.  Therefore, a grading system is currently being developed that will analyze individual parts of the production based on a few categories that are acknowledged by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  As the bugs are being worked out, please feel free to browse the limited movie reviews below.

UPDATE !  I'm still in the process of transferring most of them to html documents.

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